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There's this new radio station in S.A. called KAHL - Call 1310 AM. Most of the time, its concept sucks ass. Do we really need another talk radio station in the city? Well, yes, if the answer involves having a more progressive-minded talk radio station settle in and root itself on the local airwaves. But the kind of talk this station does is so hilariously far from that that it seems completely pointless. What does excite me, though, is the music this station will play. See, from 6 p.m. - 6 a.m. Monday - Friday and from 12 noon onward on Saturdays and Sundays, this station specializes in playing the same languid, easy listening style pop and soft rock I specifically remember cuddling up to when my parents or grandparents would listen to "Soft Rock Radio" (KQ102 FM, for a local example). So when I listen to that station, I immediately return into a warm and comforting place, even if the types of music that move me now have little if anything to do with the honey-dipped AM pop the station plays. Why is that so?

On another note, I came back this past Monday from an extremely lengthy holiday period. Owing to the fact that last week was Spring Break, I was faced with more time at the house, meaning more time helping my mother out with things she had put on a list of Things To Do. I seem to have morphed into the "honey" that "honey-do" lists were created for, especially that week. Even though we did manage to attend two films throughout that week (Failure To Launch -- skip it; Mrs. Henderson Presents -- don't miss it), it was still mainly a chore-driven week, particularly when I took off work last Thursday and Friday. But I guess all that hard work paid off in having so many things get done around the house, especially on the outside. Trees are trimmed, plants are potted, and it really does look nice. Still, I would have loved instead to jet off to someplace else. Seattle, I'm thinking, or maybe even L.A. I haven't been to L.A. in over ten years. It's bound to look different than the mental pictures I have of it. OR... or I could have been bold and demanded *gasp* a city on the EAST COAST. Boston, maybe, or maybe Portland, ME. Imagine me actually being somewhere east of the Mississippi! I have never done that, not even for a day trip. It's kinda funny (oh-ooh-whoa-oh-whoa **): I've spent a few months in England, yet haven't even spent a few minutes in NYC. Ha.

So. Maybe a visit to Dallas would do me good. The last time I came back from Dallas, I must have hugged every building I encountered in S.A. for the proceeding week. There's nothing like visiting one of those Other Texases to be grateful for what you have in Your Own Texas. Hell, I'd even settle for Vegas, and I like the idea of gambling just about as much as I like the idea of several root canals without anaesthesia.

Argh. I've done it once again. I've typed out a full entry here without talking about the things that have really occupied my mind in my offline world lately. Well, I mean, I certainly have been thinking about this whole travel thing and how busy last week was, but I've also been thinking of lots of other things: how absurdly ironic/prophetic it was that the Judson ISD superintendent banned Margaret Atwood's A Handmaid's Tale (for those of you who don't know, Judson ISD is just about the most macho of all the local public school districts), how much last Sunday's editorial about Roe vs. Wade made sense to me, my conflicted feelings about the whole George Dickerson affair, and so on. Oh, and Genero Espinosa Dorantes was even nabbed by the FBI when the highly ineffective Mexican government decided to give him and a few other fugitives up to the proper U.S. authorities! That was news worth celebrating over! But, again, I will have to delay discussion on any of that until I can get my head straight and remind myself I should talk about any of the above. Darn it.

*: That comes from Duran Duran's "Late Bar". I r fangeek.
**: Yeah, that comes from the Josef K song "It's Kinda Funny". I r fangeek SUPREME.