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What did I say about Jill Carroll on Friday?

Though I'd actually prefer to wait awhile for those psychological wounds to heal a bit and for Ms. Carroll to recover her wits. That will be the moment when she'll be most with-it. Who knows what kinds of shit her captors put her through? Even just the act of being held captive must do some pretty awful things to a person; the State Department is aware of that and in its publication entitled "Personal Security Guidelines for the American Business Traveler Overseas", there is a section that deals with coping strategies should an American citizen be kidnapped overseas. (It's in a document for business travelers because I suspect that business travelers are historically the ones who get kidnapped most often.) In fact, the following is a quote from this very publication:

· DO NOT be uncooperative, antagonistic, or hostile towards your captors. It is a fact that hostages who display this type of behavior are kept captive longer or are singled out for torture or punishment.
· Watch for signs of Stockholm Syndrome which occurs when the captive, due to the close proximity and the constant pressures involved, begins to relate to, and empathize with, the captors. In some cases, this relationship has resulted in the hostage become empathetic to the point that he/she actively participates in the activities of the group. You should attempt to establish a friendly rapport with your captors, but maintain your personal dignity and do not compromise your integrity.

What Jill Carroll seemed to be doing, then, is precisely that which was advised in the first bullet point quoted above. She wasn't about to be hostile toward her captors, even though they killed her translator, whom she must have been very close friends with. She was simply trying to get along with her captors for her own sake. Plus, Carroll, by all outward appearances, did "attempt to establish a friendly rapport with [her] captors", but only time will tell whether/if she actually developed a bit of Stockholm Syndrome, and only time will heal her from that, if indeed she did develop that syndrome.

In the meantime, it'd be interesting to see if those people who were quick to lambaste Ms. Carroll are now backpedaling furiously or blubbering on about being apologetic, misunderstanding the original message, etc. Though I still stand by the observation I made about their ironic detraction of one kind of religious extremism while being ardent defenders of another kind of religious extremism. That does not change.