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Little brief update-y type entry

Apparently I am slowly but surely becoming adept at maintaining my Orpheus (Orpheus being the name I christened my 1995 Chevy Blazer, after the David Sylvian song). It was doing some mighty awful chugging this morning, but when I tightened some battery connectors and disabled the cruise control (which I had no idea was even on in the first place), it started humming like a champ. I am now currently knocking on the particle board that my desk is composed of. But really, there shouldn't be anything wrong with Orpheus; its battery is practically brand new, it has plenty of antifreeze/coolant (after I filled the reservoir a couple of months ago), I checked the gauges and the water temperature is perfect, I'm getting exactly the right amount of charge from the battery, and I don't need any oil (I'm going to have to double-check that one this afternoon, but I just put oil into the vehicle last month). And it can't be that my vehicle is filled with bad gasoline as I only stick to three gas station chains -- Exxon, Shell, and Texaco -- and all three of them are trustworthy.

So anyway. How am I doing? Not too bad, actually. I am trying to deal with another cyst growth on my back. This time it doesn't feel all that bad. I'm putting the heating pad on it and I started a regimen of antibiotics (speaking of -- that's the one word in the English language I have trouble pronouncing) that will hopefully dry it out. I don't want to go in for another procedure. I've had it with those procedures. I'm going to try this non-surgical route for now. Though the last couple of nights haven't been the most restful for me. I find myself in the old routine of having to sleep on my side, waking up whenever I need to change sides and tucking a pillow between my legs to reduce/alleviate the painful pressure resulting from having the cyst on my back. You know, cysts love me for some reason. On top of having problems with cysts along my spinal column, I also have polycystic ovarian syndrome -- I've even seen x-rays of my cyst-filled ovaries. Oh gee, I feel so special.

I'm going to have to close up this decidedly lacking journal entry now. I have to leave myself enough time to type up a little entry on my other LJ and to check my Gmail before returning to my regular world o' responsibility. TTFN!