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Baby, it's hot outside.

So I'm finally inputting another journal entry after how many years of me not being in this thing?? It seems like years, anyway.

I've been having fun exerting brief spurts of energy on my MySpace "blog", which you can see by clicking on the handy little link I've finally included on this journal. Even though I have the list of links to the right of this entry, it'll be nice to have it somewhere where they put the home page links just in case you completely missed the link in the first place.

I also need to fix the list of interests. There are some things listed that I've gone off of, and some things I've completely fallen in love with since the last time I entered anything into this thing. That's the way the universe works. You change your interests. Though mine are generally more stable than the ones most people have, even my list changes.

I'm also bored right now. I'd love to be swanning about the Interweb, but I haven't been able to get any (save for one) website that I frequent to actually WORK. What's wrong with the Internet? Is it broken? Is my DSL connection for shit? I don't know the answers to any of these questions, but I do know that I'm incredibly grateful for the New Wave Outpost's continued operation at 100%. Well, LJ is also operating at 100% too, but I don't really frequent it anymore, do I? Anyway, the NWO still being up is keeping me from going completely nutso. Dude, I can't even get WIKIPEDIA to cooperate with me tonight. That's just wrong.

Suddenly I feel a burst of energy guiding me to type furiously into this thing. I suppose I would, though. Considering all the things that have happened since the last time I created a new entry, my LJ cup should very definitely be running over. But one thing I'll start off with (and close this entry with, quite paradoxically) is the disconcerting notion that, because I didn't really do that much complaining about the weather last month, which happened to be the hottest month on record for the city, I'm actually beginning to be at peace with this heat and sun I loathe so very much. Being at peace doesn't mean I'm going to go and actively SEEK out this shit, but at least I'm at the point now where I can live through it and go, "Meh, this is just summer. Live through it, babe." OR MAYBE IT'S BECAUSE EVERYWHERE ELSE IS HOT MWAHAHAHAHAHA LIVE THROUGH MY NIGHTMARE, CHICKADEES. Ahem.


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Sep. 2nd, 2006 05:50 am (UTC)
hey hey look who's here!
How the heck are you after all this time?!
HOT? I have no idea what you're talking about! ;)
Sep. 2nd, 2006 06:07 am (UTC)
WHOA. YOU! Hi you! I swear I still remember your name, but... YOU! Wow, hi there. I'm doing not so bad, thanks. I'm certainly not as miserablist as I was a year ago or so. Funny how reading back at all those mopey entries makes me sorta cringe, yet also sorta nod my head and go, "Oh yeah, I remember." How about you? I really should check your LJ out for that answer, but we are having a conversation here, so.

Oh, and yes, heat? What heat? It is Siberia here. See the ice floes and polar bears scampering about. Yes, it is chilly. Brrrr. ;)

SO great to hear from you again. *hugs*
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