De-Lurking in the Modern Age

just like a scene out of Voltaire, twisting out of sight.

29 December 1979
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I am an enigmatic tweeist, though part of me wishes I were like that legal eagle from "Ally McBeal" who was, as Ally's roommate Renee put it, "a cute little enigma".

Told you I was twee.

Much of what you'll have to know about me can either be derived from my list of interests, indicated below, or from the various journal entries I have herein. Thanks for being kind enough to read this chronicle of vents, worries, frustrations, and other negative thingamabobs. I'd like to think that I'm not TOTALLY about the goth emotions, though, so I've started up a new LJ -- deethepraiser -- which will be all about the good stuff in my life. Sunshine and flowers, anyone?

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duran duran fan  franz ferdinand fan  some kind of wonderful fan  the royal tenenbaums fan  queer eye fan  alton brown fan
anthony bourdain fan  arcadia fan  the cure fan  eighties fan  diet coke with lime fan  wheat thins fan
david bowie fan  american splendor fan  ultravox fan  get fuzzy fan  lenore fan  lenore fan (again)
sushi fan  psychedelic furs fan  andy warhol fan  japan fan  gary numan fan  visage fan
ina garten fan  my bloody valentine fan  seinfeld fan  barbecue fan  italian food fan  death from above 1979 debut cd fan
honey bunches of oats fan  wendy's fan  conan o'brien fan  ellen degeneres show fan  food 911 fan  good eats fan
depeche mode fan  death from above 1979 fan  bloc party fan  firefox fan  audiocassette fan  compact disc fan

(Note: I have AOL Instant Messenger. If you wish to get my AIM ID, please e-mail me and include your AIM ID so I may add it to my buddy list. Thanks.)
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